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Sea Trout - Sewin

Welsh sewin, meaning the “silver one.” It’s often said that fly-fishing for sea trout by night is the absolute pinnacle of the sport - certainly the thrill of a big sewin’s take in darkness and the sheer violence of the fight which follows will have any angler’s heart racing and will not easily be forgotten. Unfortunately, sea trout are comparatively rare in the Wye although the Usk has a small run. And generally, as with salmon, there are serious concerns now about the future of sea trout. Even in the famous rivers of Carmarthenshire, a few miles to the west, the runs are much reduced.

We believe the key to consistent success in sewin angling today is to learn how to fish systematically and alone in darkness, to learn how to cover a number of productive pools effectively and then cover them regularly over several seasons. This involves a fairly dedicated attitude (especially from your family, who might miss you on mid-summer nights) but we will be delighted to take you out on beats which regularly produce double figure sewin and give you the experience of night fishing Realistically, you probably won’t catch the first time out...but you can never be quite sure!

The pictures here, incidentally, are from a competition a few years ago; we now recommend releasing sea trout whenever possible.